Hurricane Preparation

You’ve been through a few hurricanes before, so you’re feeling confident. You have your supplies. The year prior you had a house lifting NJ company jack your home up a few feet, so you’re above previous flood levels. You feel good about your decision to stay home rather than evacuate.

But it’s easy to forget something in your preparations, and when it comes to something as serious as staying behind to weather the full force of a hurricane, forgetting something can mean the difference between life and death.

With that in mind, here are some things to keep in mind if you decide to stay behind:

1) Own Your Decision

If you are in an area with suggested or mandatory evacuations, understand that staying behind poses risks. You may be putting your life in jeopardy. If things do go wrong – winds tearing open your house or, worse still, tidal surges sweeping into your home – understand that you may not be rescued.

2) Board Up Your Windows

If you have removable hurricane shutters, fantastic. You’re in better shape than many people. Make sure you get them up several days in advance. If you do not have such shutters, use plywood to board up your windows as best as you can. Again, do this several days in advance.

3) Post A Notice

In some neighborhoods, unsavory types look for empty houses prior to storms. With your house all boarded up, it may look evacuated – so put up a notice on your front door letting people know you are home.

4) Create A Two-Week List Of Essentials

When you hired a NJ house raising company to lift your home, you were planning for a worst case scenario. Do the same here. Assume two weeks during which you will not be able to easily get the essentials due to power outages, store closures, and general supply shortages. Brainstorm on anything you think you will need, and get it as early as possible.

5) Stock Up On Water

It’s very possible you may not have running water or sewer for a few days, so be sure to have ample fresh water on hand. If you shop early enough, you should be able to supply yourself with plenty of bottles water. One gallon per adult per day should be sufficient for all your needs. Also, fill up your bathtub with water. This not only gives you a supply of water, using a bucket you can use that water to help flush your toilet.

6) Store Your Valuables Somewhere Safe

If you expect floods, ensure any valuables are stored someplace that will protect them from the elements. So this even if you had house raising in NJ done. Aim for some place high and, if possible, in a watertight container. Store important paperwork first, then other irreplaceable such as photos and such.

7) Plan A “Safe Room”

Designate an interior room as your “safe room” if the hurricane compromises your home. Prestock this room with supplies, batteries, flashlights, and so on.

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