The World’s 5 Most Unusual Houses

Take a drive up and down the New Jersey coast and you’ll see a wide variety of homes. Many of them will be beautiful coastal homes. Some, such as those in Mantoloking and communities like it, are huge, gorgeous beachfront properties.

What you won’t find are homes as bizarre as the ones listed below. Trust us, houses don’t get any more unusual than this.

The domes of Yogyakarta, Indonesia

This is not one home, but many. After the ancient city of Yogyakarta, located in Indonesia, was devastated by an earthquake that destroyed hundreds of homes, engineers developed something ingenious: a village of small, single-family domes that could sustain winds of up to 190 mph. The village is odd looking, appearing like a field full of giant ping pong balls buried in the earth, but the domes work. And as people who have pursued New Jersey house lifting projects to protect their shore region homes against flooding know, anything that can help you stand up to Mother Nature’s wrath is a good thing.

The Upside Down House

Take a trip to Szymbark, Poland (though why would you want to?) and you may come across a most unusual sight: a house that appears to be upside down. As in, literally upside down. The whole structure is flipped on its roof. You enter through an upside down second story door. Yes, it really is that weird!

Japan’s See Through House

It should come as no surprise that a home from Japan appears on this list. That is a country with some of the most innovative, inventive and downright weird geniuses in the world. The so-called “House NA” is completely transparent, made up of white framing and lots and lots of glass. You won’t get much privacy in House NA, but you WILL attract a lot of attention. The downside? If they are hit with flooding, it’s unlikely they could perform a NJ house raising upgrade on this unusual house.

Rockland Ranch, Utah

Originally created several decades ago as a haven for fundamentalist Mormons, Utah’s Rockland Ranch is an unusual home for what you CAN’T see. The reason is that only a tiny portion of the house is visible. Most of it is located inside a cliff, set in a cavern blasted from the stone. You can’t tell from the outside, but this place is BIG. So big, in fact, that over 100 people live there. You won’t find anything like this at the shore!

Ohio’s Mushroom House

Refugees from Middle Earth might enjoy this unusual home in Ohio, but most other people will think they’ve taken a trip to fairyland. It’s a one-bedroom bungalow made up of seashells, wood, glass, and all sorts of other organic materials. Even more unusual, it’s NOT hidden in the woods somewhere. It’s located right off a major road! The unusual building materials means it might be difficult to do a NJ house lifting with a structure like this, but we doubt the hobbits who live inside would mind. It’s not like Ohio gets hurricane flooding, anyway.

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